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Art and Portraits by Margaret
Creating oil portraits from your favorite photos. People, pets, houses and cars. Portraits make wonderful gifts and lasting memories.

Janet Hammond's Art
Showcasing the realistic paintings of American artist/teacher,
Janet Hammond, whose work includes figures, still life portraits and

A collection of portrait, landscape, and floral paintings. Limited edition prints are available.

Anna Held Audette
Paintings of industrial ruins and abandoned machinery by Anna Held Audette, contemporary woman artist.

Annesley Studio
Dramatic watercolors and charcoal drawings of historic architecture, landscape, and still life.

Boris Blinov
Original realistic oil painting.

C.R. Bryant
Maritime art of the Pacific.

Dan Hauben
Painterly realist, oeuvre includes gritty urban street scenes, paintings of The Bronx, panoramas, Virginian, Californian, and European landscapes, portraits.

David Arsenault
Award-winning artist David Arsenault's paintings of Americana.

John Abrams
A virtual gallery of paintings by John Abrams, one of Canada's leading realist artists.

Kevin Beck
Most often described as "paintings with heart".

Krystal Allen
Watercolor artist specializing in realistic landscapes of Northern California and Hawaii.

Lorrie's Art
Paintings by LBS Adams. Still lifes in the style of classical realism, and other precise representational art, with some abstracts. Images with short comments by the artist.

Rob Gordon
Contemporary realism.

Roger Arndt
Painter of the Canadian West.

Steve Anderson
Noted Aviation Artist specializing in World War I and World War II aircraft battles. Also fine artist for commissioned pieces.

Tamlyn Akins
Representational naturescapes and florals in watercolor and pastel, abstract origami reliefs and mixed media experimental works on paper.

Leon Engelen
Visit the art of Leon Engelen: photographically detailed landscape and animal oil paintings.

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