Mixed Media Artists      
Latif Maulan

  • Adam, Thomas - Oil paintings, watercolors, mixed media painting, gouache paintings.
  • Baer, Julie - Selection of work incorporating painting, the mixed media, collage, found imagery, and natural objects. Includes narrative biography and exhibition list.
  • Baler, Efrat - Israeli born artist exhibits her humorous art.
  • Barkan Clarke, Mia - Artist presents, "Sisters of the World" series. Abstract paintings in mixed media. Inspiration: Ethnic, national, spiritual, folkloric, mythical and biblical women. This concentration is a celebration of women.
  • Battistella, Robert D. - Portfolio of contemporary drawings and photographs by this Canadian artist, with introduction by artist and links to art resources.
  • Bedient, Shirle - Biography and galleries of the artist of watercolors, pastels and collages.
  • Bennink, Eric - Acrylic and mixed media abstract paintings by the Toronto artist. Images and exhibitions.
  • Benrey, Lizet - Mexican-born artist who tries to enable encounters with her inner visions, and to combine her heritage and spirituality with magical, peaceful moments of full awareness. Images, short statement, and curriculum vitae.
  • Boyarski, Rona - Symbolic oil and mixed media paintings of masks, and landscape.
  • Brandon, J M - Drawings, paintings and mixed media. Subject matter relating to animals, endangered species, and the environment.
  • Brodeur, Paulette - Contemporary Fine Art. Mixed Media. From the Abstract to the Whimsical. Colorful.
  • Calef, Nancy - Oil and 3D paintings, peoplescapes, depicting the irony of human nature.
  • Carothers, Cole - Carothers' paintings in oil/mixed media combine interior and exterior views. His work bears affinities to Renaissance masters, Persian miniaturists and contemporary trends.
  • den Hertog, Michael - Contemporary and abstract paintings in acrylic and mixed media. Includes artist biography and contact details.
  • DePaola, Wilfred - Original paintings in acrylic, oil, and watercolor by Sonoma County artist. Includes landscapes, still life, and abstracts.
  • Dong, Monica - Specializes in painting wildlife vignettes, ballerinas, and beach scenes in mixed media.
  • Feehan, Andy - Contemporary work inspired by alchemy, dreams, and Eastern mysticism.
  • Gargost, Estefan - A collection of military, political, and religious paintings among other subjects. A short biography of the author is included.
  • Graber, Abe - Collection from an artist of many medias.
  • Greer, Carolyn C. - An artist from Virginia exhibits bright seascapes, often with lighthouses.
  • Grice, David - Portfolio of enigmatic mixed media paintings. Also includes sculpture constructs.
  • Grisanty, Aurelio - Images of work by Dominican-born artist, with curriculum vitae.
  • Guity, Novin - Dobbed by critics The Last Master of this millenium and the founder of Transperessionism Movement in painting, combines traditional method of painting with mixed media (oil, watercolour, gel, and gold leaves).
  • Hayes , Randy - Using a series of photographs as a working base, American painter Randy Hayes then veils the photos with haunting images rendered with semitranslucent washes of paint.
  • Kämper, Barbara - A little virtual exhibition borderline between painting and phototechnique. Desktop themes are aviable for free download.
  • Kazez - Kazez:current and recent exhibitions of mixed media paintings, drawings, collages
  • Kostyal, Andrea - Some of her work displays abstract geometric forms along the lines of her interest in textiles, some seems expressionist, and some almost academic. Images and biography.
  • Larsen, Mary - Intense paintings and mixed media works on paper and floppy disks. Original, expressive art that is neither abstract nor figurative, yet falls somewhere in between.
  • Larson, Edward - Art work by Edward Larson a painter and mixed media artist combining both abstraction and representation. The work is poetic and of a serious sensiblity.
  • Markus, Csaba - Limited edition serigraphs, etchings, sculpture, and original art.
  • McCardle, Cheryl - Incorporates natural materials into her symbolic landscape, still life, and floral paintings, to create rich textures.
  • McCloskey, Paul - Samples of Irish figurative artist's distinctive mixed media paintings, specializing in portraits.
  • McKeon, Louise - A selection of realistic paintings by the Irish artist, in mixed medium of watercolor, gouache, acrylic, and needlework on Japanese handmade paper.
  • Morera, Clara - My art work space on the web.
  • Nuttall, Kenneth G. - Watercolors, pen, and ink paintings, including portrait, landscape, and still life.
  • Pardue, Eugenia - Showcasing brightly colored abstract and symbolic paintings.
  • Picotte, Michel - Acrylic and mixed media work on canvas or paper. Images, curriculum vitae, and bibliography.
  • Prodi, Maria - Oil and mixed media paintings by an Italian painter
  • Puri, Antonio - Abstract artist using a modified batik technique applied with mixed media. Includes biography, statement and list of exhibitions.
  • Rambeau, Marc - Images, biographical note, and curriculum vitae.
  • Rebeck, Dae - Socially and personally charged images by a Philadelphia artist. Includes statement, curriculum vitae, mailing list, and events.
  • Roberts, Lynne - The work of Manchester artist in pen and ink, water colors, and collage.
  • Robertson, Henry - Images of his paintings in mixed and various media, with some photographs of his exhibitions in Glasgow and a biographical note.
  • Saccaro, Claude - Paintings rendered in oil, often mixed with gold, and done on clay.
  • Sale, Judy - American British painter - Internationally known artist who paints in oil acyrlic and mixed media including the use of found objects. Work is mostly two dimensional but also do box constructions and collages in relief. Subject is abstract but sometime thematic.
  • Schlechter, James - Portrait, landscape, and still life paintings, and line art.
  • Sigurdsson, Gisli - Artist from Iceland displays works inspired by magnificent mountains, glaciers and lava.
  • Sloane, Robert B. - Landscape, architectural and portrait themes in watercolor, oil and acrylic.
  • Smyth Davis R. - Illustrates the influences of the American modernism and post-modernism in his abstract mixed media works.
  • Sobkek, R.P. - Watercolours / Airbrush (mixed media) on Canvas.
  • Talley, Sharon - Painting focus includes Scottish standing stones, megaliths, surrealism and portraits. Provides a biography and ordering information.
  • van Berlo, Will - A changing selections of paintings by the Dutch artist with a short statement.
  • Verges, Albert - This artist uses the binary code to give shape with the minimum representative figures to concepts such as the Universe, the Human being or his own experiences. Abstract Hyper-Realism art.
  • Walker, Robin Ann - A visual feast of contemporary fine art by Texas artist Robin Ann Walker. Including mixed media collages, impressionistic landscapes, and abstract images.
  • Waltking, Adrienne - Adrienne Waltking - conceptual mixed-media artist - view online portfolio, artist's statement and resume
  • Ward Thacker, Kate - Portfolio of the artist's colorful large scale 'paper quilt' paintings (gouache, paper, and stitched thread). Includes biography.
  • West, Joni - Portfolios of abstract mixed media art and mosaics from San Francisco artist. Offers custom commissions, biography and gallery contacts.
  • Wilson, Brian - Works by Alabama contemporary artist Brian Wilson. Includes paintings, collages, and writings.
  • Zouves, Theo - Provides a biography, press clips, gallery of paintings and installations and ordering information.


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