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Latif Maulan

  • Allison, Brooke - Displays ten pages of her work and information about her lifelong pursuit of art.
  • Bartlett, Melissa - Original pastel paintings including landscapes, animals, florals, and figures. Melissa also accepts commissions for animal portraits. Images, biography, introduction to pastels, and information on her dog training book.
  • Battenberg, Mike - Vibrant landscapes and seascapes in pastel.
  • Belanger, Christine - Displays and sells soft pastel works in multiple galleries.
  • Berman, Allan - Realistic trompe L'oeil still life paintings available in a series of Giclée limited edition signed and numbered prints.
  • Bernabe, Glenn - Canadian artist offers reflective figurative images in pastel, as well as illustration. Includes images, biography, and statement.
  • Cebrelli, Carla Jean - Portraits done in pastels, specializing in people, horses, and dogs.
  • Christine upStairs - A gallery of pastel paintings by Christine Siegfried. Includes news, sketches and an artist biography.
  • Clark, John - Scenes of English wheatfields, windmills, cottages, and boats. Includes a biography, and links to the artist's Caribbean collections.
  • Dahl, Sandi - An pastel painting artist specializing in impressionist landscapes.
  • Edwards, Helen - Australian artist working mainly in soft pastel. Her work includes figure studies, land, river and seascapes which can be seen in several Victorian galleries.
  • Egan, Ellen - Paintings of animals, still lifes, and outdoor scenes of the Pacific Northwest.
  • Farrell, Odette - Gallery of nudes and portraits features artist profile, guestbook and contacts.
  • Fasan, Loretta - Paintings of women in a style related both to the Pre-Raphaelites and to Klimt. Elaborately clothed women with adornments including intricate beadwork, rich color and ornate hairstyles. Images and discussion of technique.
  • Fearby, Kerrie - Examples of pastel portraits, and Australian landscapes.
  • Few, James - Color of Magic - colorful paintings by this Florida pastelist. An informative site including pastel demonstration, information about the pastel medium and comprehensive art links.
  • Fioravanti, Jeff - A collection of pastel paintings of various outdoor scenes.
  • Frechette, Louise A. - Louise, a national award winning artist, whose paintings are inspired by the awesome power of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, paints with a wide spectrum of richly colored soft pastel using her fingers only.
  • Gardner, Susan Gore - Landscapes from England, Ireland, France and the southern USA. The gallery also includes still lifes and portraits of musicians. Biography and upcoming exhibit information.
  • Gartzman Goonerman, Carol - Offers pastels of children, Victorian themes, the New Jersey shore, cats, portraits.
  • Geenen, Jo - Original pastel painting - landscapes, gardens, seashores and flowers.
  • Glass, Margaret - Pastel and oil paintings; subjects are varied and include many from Venice, Italy and from her home county Suffolk, UK.
  • Goodstein-Shapiro - Paintings, personal statement, and educational biography of artist Goodstein-Shapiro.
  • Gulley, Niki - Seeks to capture the brightness and energy of spring and summer.
  • Hall, Jessica - Displays Lowcountry scenes, landscapes, flowers, and animals. Includes contact information.
  • Harvey, Susan - Contemporary and spiritual art. Images and biography.
  • Hathaway Feldman, Anita - Provides a biography, gallery and contact details for the Southern California artist.
  • Hedges, Sally - Creates pastel portraits through the use of photographs.
  • Heppell, Gilles - Pastels of exteriors from this Canadian self-taught artist.
  • Herbst, Patrice - Four galleries featuring a contemporary approach to the beauty of a single flower in Seasonal Offerings, also abstract nude landscapes and traditional landscapes.
  • House, Cindy - An upcoming landscape and nature artist in Vermont. She uses the Internet to inform viewers of upcoming exhibits and to display her work.
  • Iriks, Berenice Happe - These paintings describe the beauty of objects, landscapes, and people.
  • Jacobs, Martine - Presents her latest pastel series. Tibetan Faces and abstractions based on Japanese characters.
  • Jaenicke, Barbara - Impressionistic spaintings of landscapes and still life subjects in pastel and oil. She uses bold colors and a soft touch. Images and statement.
  • Jeffs, Bob - An image gallery of paintings and sculpture, with some statements by the artist.
  • Joffre, Marie-Lydie - Virtual gallery of pastel and mixed media figurative artworks, a presentation of the new art technique of drawing pastel on stones and resources to learn about pastel.
  • Johnson, Michael Chesley - Provides information on the artist and links to galleries showing his works.
  • Kalayjian, Terry - This site profiles Terry Kalayjian whose pastels capture the energy and spirit found in nature.
  • Kelley, John - Offers examples of still life, landscapes and commissioned portraits.
  • Kenyon, Liz - Pastel illustrations and fine art of landscape, people, animals, and still-life. Images, biography, and upcoming shows.
  • Kroliszewska, Danuta - Polish artist who paints portraits and madonnas in pastels. Includes some comments by the artist.
  • Laframboise, Angi - Charcoal and pastel portraits drawn from your photos of adults, children, dogs, cats, horses and homes. Gift certificates available.
  • Le Saint, Jean-Francois - Portraits, street scenes and landscapes of various countries.
  • Leckett, Peter - Original pastels and watercolors of landscapes and outdoor scenes.
  • Lovley, Nancy Lee - Images of her portraits, information for sitters, note on the medium.
  • Mahlke, Denise LaRue - Portrait artist working in pastels and pencil.
  • Massicot, Christiane - Christiane paints in pastel her native Berry, France countryside.
  • Mineo, Gerard - Specializing in family portraits.
  • Moore, A.J. - Renderings of aquatic nature scenes.
  • Moriarty, Katie - With a unique method of applying pastels on synthetic suede, the artist evokes the Impressionist painters with a contemporary edge
  • Muchnik, Michoel - A Chassidic artist living in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, New York. He is known for is use of soft pastel colors and for creating images that appeal to both child and adult alike.
  • Palaschak, Don - Impressionist and representative pastel paintings of American and French landscapes, still life and animals. Original paintings and limited editions.
  • Pesta, Maureen O'Hara - Pastel paintings by an award-winning Indiana artist. Images, biography, and news.
  • Phillips, Renee - Landscape paintings of the Erie Canal, Finger Lakes, and the Rochester area in pastel.
  • Pradal, Suzan - Abstract oniric pastel paintings.
  • Read, Cath - Bristol painter who paints still lifes and landscape. Images, biography, and exhibitions.
  • Rothrock, Carol - Pastel landscapes in an impressionistic style.
  • Saler, Ing - Studio and art gallery of the pastel paintings.
  • Schoenherr, Shelley Gorny - Life-size renderings of historic carousel horses and other animals. Includes images and artist's comments, series on the making of a pastel, and links to her other art sites.
  • Segal, Harvey - Gallery of Pastel paintings include portraits, still life, and Landscape. Includes information on art lessons.
  • Southworth, James - Gallery of pastel art, awards and resume. Includes a demonstration of how a painting is built up.
  • Stephenson, Marion - Includes a biography, contact information, and a selection of recent works.
  • Stull, Sean - Pastel landscapes paintings depicting natural themes
  • Sudworth, Anne - Mystical pastel artwork.
  • Talley, Carol - Painter of pastel and oil landscapes. Provides an artist statement, background, gallery and upcoming showings.
  • Troupe Smith, Kathy - Abstract drawings - oil pastels on paper.
  • Unites, Carol - Pastel portraits of dogs from this San Diego artist.
  • Waldheim, Kjersten - Works in a variety of techniques, including pastels. Offers a portfolio of works with notes.
  • Wolfe, Lisa - Figurative pastels by artist Lisa Wolfe. Paintings are stylized, colorful and contemporary. View the images, read about the history of pastels. Artist statement and process included.
  • Woodward, Bill - Pastel paintings including portraits, landscapes and nudes. Includes biography and gallery links.
  • Yamaguchi, Hiroshi - Japanese artist using a combination of pastel and Japanese paper to create works inspired by mantra.
  • Yeo, Jon - Pastel paintings of a remote Hebridean Island,reflections of an artistic pilgrimage, Celtic scenery.


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